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Everybody knows the importance of defragmentation. But still only a few go for it. Defragmentation helps you keep your hard disk tidy and find the data more quickly than the fragmented one without slowing down the system.

Disk fragmentation may lead to system crashes, PC slowdowns, delayed startups and shutdowns and many such problems. Apart from various slowdowns the fragmentation causes, it also makes the disk drive heads move too fast while reading the files leading to the freezing of the system and thus crashing it. As you use your computer adding and deleting files on daily basis Windows starts taking longer and longer time to retrieve the files from the hard disk. It is so because the single larger file is split up and stored in different fragments all over the disk due to lesser free space available. It is then quite obvious that finding and accessing the file at different places will take much more time than that of a single place. Once you install a defragger you need not worry about defragmenting your hard disk there after. It does it all without hampering the speed and interfering your work. It also helps to create larger free space for better defragmenting the files and keeping them more contiguous. A few defraggers too keep smaller files together in a single directory, as these are often accessed at the same time.
Whenever you remove a file from the hard disk an empty space is created. And as you write a new file the hard drive tries to fill in this empty space. And if the new file is larger than the empty space it is stored in another available space. This is file fragmentation. Defragging is the process of taking all the fragmented files and placing them at a single contiguous location on the hard disk. The time involved in the process will depend on how fragmented your disk is. It can stretch from a few minutes to few hours. Once defragged the file access will be quite instantaneous. So, just install a good defrag software to maintain and optimize your system to work quickly and efficiently.

The working of most of the defraggers is similar to that of the running of the screensaver. Whenever your computer is idle, these cut in and start cleaning the hard disk. It is just like tidying up your home when you are out. It doesn't interfere as you work upon your system and stops immediately as you take the charge. You may hardly ever notice it's there working for you. It keeps defragmenting the hard disk as a background service. The program does it all by monitoring the various parameters as processor load and hard disk access. You can never achieve maximum performance level with fragmented volumes. The more the fragmentation the lesser will be the system's file input output performance. Defragging is vital to restore and maintain the maximum performance of your system. It will also help you to keep up the optimal speed across the network.

Most of the NT disk defraggers in the market are useful in performing the regular defragmentation of the disks but some files still may be left fragmented. Moreover it is difficult to ensure that the particular files which are frequently used are defragmented always. It is possible that these may remain fragmented due to specific defragmentation algorithms being used. Also if all the files are defragmented, a few get fragmented quickly due to inevitable changes done to the critical files. Most of the defrag software in the market have the only option to run the whole process all over again to make those files defragmented again. But there are a few those are the single file defraggers which enable you to defrag the individual file quickly without running the whole program again. Defragmenting can increase the life of your hard drive by minimizing head movement and enabling you to retrieve the files more quickly and efficiently.

So, as your hard disk may be badly fragmented in the course of time defragmentation is greatly important for your system's optimization. It is vital to keep the disks defragmented and optimized as much as possible. You can choose from various defragging programs as - Ashampoo Magical Defrag, Auslogics Disk Defrag, Diskeeper, iDefrag, Norton SpeedDisk, O&O Defrag, PerfectDisk, Puran Defrag, UltimateDefrag, Vopt, Windows Disk Defragmenter, Contig, Defraggler, JkDefrag, PageDefrag, UltraDefrag, SmartDefrag Beta etc.

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